Hadley and Michael – 06.02.12

Well here it is. The BIG blog post!! What a lot of you have been waiting for the whole week.:)

Whoever said Las Vegas heat is a dry heat neglected to remind you that it’s still HEAT! June 2nd ended up being an extremely hot day outside in Las Vegas, with a high near 110 degrees! Luckily, everything that we needed to do was inside. I started in Hadley and Michael’s suite, where Hadley was getting beautified. I can honestly say that I have NEVER laughed so hard with a bride getting ready, especially when it was time to get in her the dress. But I’ll get to that in a second. I loved all the details, from the bouquets to the Jimmy Choo accessories to the bling bling that is Hadley’s ring.

Michael wasn’t feeling the greatest on the wedding day but I have to say that he did extremely well. Andy spent some time with him in a separate room where he got ready. We had orchestrated a first glance on the floor of their suite to avoid the heat and the crowds. After Hadley and Michael were finally back together again, we did portraits around the hotel. We eventually made our way to the chapel in the hotel and experienced more of the beautiful flowers that Hadley had chosen for the ceremony.

While we weren’t allowed to be the “official” photographers for the ceremony, I was able to grab some shots without flash. When they were all done with family portraits in the chapel, we trapsed about just a bit more on the way to the ballroom for the reception. And what a ballroom it was!!! The flowers were just amazing! The party was rocking from beginning to end and no Las Vegas reception can be complete without a visit by Elvis, right??

Alright, enough yappity yapping. Let’s get to these images. Grab a beverage ’cause there are a lot of them!

I LOVE this image of Michael!

Hadley getting even more beautiful. Her makeup artist was a hoot and a half!

Hadley’s engagement ring is out of this world. I don’t normally try on rings but I did this one. It’s just WOW!

And all of their bling together is sooo nice.

I laughed so hard capturing this series and I laughed again editing it. So here’s where Hadley realizes that she’s stuck…

…really stuck….

…really, REALLY stuck.

Whew! She’s out. (Seriously, I’m still laughing.)

Love these next two shots of Hadley. She mentioned something about her beauty being all smoke and mirrors but I think she is so wrong. She’s just lovely.

Work it…

Michael’s reaction to Hadley was priceless.

A quick portrait in the hallway…

…before moving to the bridge that leads to the Eiffel Tower. They don’t normally allow bridal parties up there but if you know Michael, well you know how we got there.:)

Love this one of the bridal party.

And one last shot of the happy couple before heading to the ceremony.

Hadley and her uncle.

My perspective. Well maybe not on the floor but you get the idea.

Hadley and Michael’s ceremony was so reflective of them. They even had the pastor laughing!

A beautiful domed ceiling we found in between Paris and Bally’s.

I’ve said it before but the details were just STUNNING!

The first dance. I love this moment.

Enter Elvis…

…who serenaded us and then stayed for portraits with Hadley and Michael and all of their guests…

…including a smoocheroo for a special lady

Cake time.

Party time.

Andy and I wanted to say a special thank you to Hadley and Michael for allowing us to capture it all for you. Your love is so genuine and infectious. May your love be modern enough to survive the times and old-fashioned enough to last forever!

PS – Stay tuned next week for one last wrap-up post from Vegas.


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